Saturday, June 29, 2019


The democrats just threw away the election last night in their second first debate. It appears that they cannot help themselves and have to outstupid each and every one of their opponents in a singular race to the bottom. All of them said they'd rather spend your money on illegal aliens then on Americans.


capt fast said...

gutfield had a comment on the democrats involved in that. it appears that the candidate with the least face time on camera appeared the most intelligent of the group. Like saying immature children should be seen and not heard.
I don't know how well that applied because the woman in question is a democrat because, well, democrats. not that i am being political about anything...

capt fast said...

Later...listening to michael brown unplugged this morning. very happy I have kept up on my zone 6b inoculations. due for a short trip to LA to deliver some very high value items. He pointed out that typhus, bubonic plague and various other lethal diseases is running up into the rampant/Middle Ages stage with the disease carrying rats outnumbering the politicians and homeless 10000 to one.
very soon, this will be Denver.