Saturday, June 8, 2019


There was the open road, the Grapevine and 101 and 1 and Santa Monica and Malibu. IMHO, all best experienced in a VW.  30 years in that state and most of them with a Mazda, BMW convertible or the ubiquitous bus. I used to commute between San Diego and the Bay. Some people said I should marry. That proved a disaster. Away went the bus, the BMW and the mazda. Somehow, traveling to Dallas, Fort Worth just didn't have the same cachet.


  1. Always wanted an MG until work put me in contact with another who's husband (a foreign car mechanic) had one as his daily driver. His advise was divorce the Cowman and marry a mechanic or change the want...

    1. Ah but I was a CHENG and I could make that bus sing as long as there were no vacuum leaks and the mazda with it's itty bitty rotary engine was a dream that never once let me down. It died a gruesome death in Buttonwillow when it hit that overpass going 75 mph but it was a glorious car. Pam laughs at me because my 20 year old vw jetta is mostly parked these days. I can make it work anytime I want to though. I just have to hook up the battery and figure out what that thing is running in the background that drains the battery in about 4 hours.

      For me back in the days, it was the little Ford Mustang. My friend and fellow pilot had one and he opened the trunk of it once to show me 15 brand new in the box distributor caps, spark plug wires and all the other unseilie things one needed in order to keep that car on the road. I did not buy one of those. no no.