Saturday, June 8, 2019


I know who did it. I won't say it's wrong. She kept every single one of my dad's letters that he typed and sent her from Vietnam and all of mine. Yes, he had a portable little typewriter that I would not be surprised to find still in the place they live now. I got a shoebox of all my letters that I sent home from all the way back and I wasn't much of a writer then but still, full shoe box, when they moved out of the family home of 39 years. An awful lot of stuff came out of the place you would not think there was room for. Old letters, old photos, old memories. She kept them all.

I would say I don't have anything like that but I'd be wrong. There's the 4 books, the sword, the dress uniforms, and now a shoebox of letters that go with the shoebox of Civil War letters from my cousin.
I will probably send them to the library where they can mingle with the letters of his company commander.

I was looking at Regensburg/Schweinfurt tonight. It was a very dangerous place to go.


SCOTTtheBADGER said...

A very dangerous place, indeed!

Brig said...

I have one of my dad's letters to my mother from when he was stationed in Korea, and nearly all of my daughter's to me when she was stationed at Cubi.
Regensburg/Schweinfurt was indeed dangerous...