Tuesday, June 4, 2019


I'm sure the SS were thrilled with President Trump trooping the line along with the Guard Commander standing within 3 feet of him carrying on unsheathed sword. I won't look because I don't care, but I'll bet the roiled mass of seething hate and fury over there on the coasts is just flipping out that the guy with the sword didn't do what they all tell themselves they would have done in that position.

I don't know how they pull off these sorts of thing but I'm sure they follow a very strict protocol at a level where all parties know better than to raise any issues or disagreements with the ruling elite.

Nijmegen Company, Grenadier Guards and the President of the United States
When you think about how many top leaders have been assassinated in settings much like this by the ceremonial troops, it's not hard to imagine that somebody from the SS had a quiet word with the guy carrying the naked sword.

It's not just the Gandhis getting killed by their guards, it's all kinds of people ranging all the way from Africa to Afghanistan. It goes without saying that this is not the sort of thing I expect out of the Old Guard or the Guards Regiments guarding the Palace and the Queen. I'm afraid that certain truths about current realities have to pass without being said aloud, even in a whisper so faint you couldn't hear it over the noise of a gentle zephyr playing across the swaying but undisturbed puff of a dandelion.

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