Thursday, February 28, 2019


All the dems and global warming scare mongers can talk about is their ten year plan to fix shit. The communists in Russia and China never needed anything more than a 5 year plan.

Why are American communists and socialists so freaking incompetent that they need 10 year plans?

On the gripping hand, none of those communist/socialist 5 year plans amounted to anything but ruination and destruction.


capt fast said...

and then there is almost-cortexed with her twelve year plan. I doubt it would take twelve years to destroy this country.
of course there is always an alternative. no plan. all a plan does is give one's political enemies a lynch pin to hang on too and a rally point to gather consensus to oppose the plan. the only objective I can see for having any plan is to appease the masses and obfuscate the fact that we are going down the toilet in a clockwise manner.
then there is the ultimate plan; when all else fails there is war. a plan which has been used with some small success down thru history. with today's weapons and the political will to use all of them, it is not a path a sane person would follow. but then, how many sane persons are the responsible parties in this day and age with access to such weapons of mass destruction as are available today?
each of us can see dimly the past, and view today thru a film of deceits and self-serving lies of those controlling access to the facts. we as a people only truly know what we have each seen and experienced ourselves and even then it is doubtful any of us will ever know beyond any doubt what any facts of those matters were. I prefer that not to be so, but it is beyond my ken how to fix it.
I have a quote from a US Marine Master Gunnery Sgt.( an uncle) that has stuck with me over the years; "for those things not of your own immediate concern, the less you give a shit, the happier you'll be in the end." approaching the end of this veil of tears, i find truer words never spoken.

capt fast said...

so, yes, rail into the night all you can about political ambition and deceit but remember those sage words and be happy in the end.

HMS Defiant said...

Sounds like words spoken by a smart man. I used to work for a skipper that dribbled little bits of idiocy whenever he opened his mouth to change feet. He would tell me that if I just took care of the small things, the big things would take care of themself. I was mid-way through realigning 2 main propulsion diesel engines during a Diesel Inspection with 3/4s of the crew overseas on other ships and this twit was wanting to know why my lube oil analysis program wasn't perfect even though I'd been gone for 5 months and only back on board for a week. He told me at the time that he only had 5 number 1 priorities but he expected me be on top of all other things even though I was down to 18% manning. He never saw a moment of reality and is probably the only one of the bunch that failed to select for CDR.