Tuesday, February 26, 2019


I've spent a number of my hours in hospitals over the last few months while visiting. Basically, since Christmas, I've been in hospitals in Latrobe and Pittsburgh and several here closer to home. One of the things I have slowly come to accept is our new lords and masters getting a special ride in all the hospitals in the US.

They snuck up on us so slowly I'm sure most people haven't realized how common it is now to see the most exalted operatives hauled around the hospital on their very special mobility devices.

Remember when they used to push patients around in the hospitals?


Rib said...

You can thank your federal govt’s insistance on EHR (electronic health records). Ostensibly to “improve” the quality of health care, it mainly serves to make the record more auditable, gaining the accolades of the legal profession in the process. Meantime, instead of delivering healthcare, nurses (and doctor’s) now spend 2/3rd’s of their time documenting instead of doing.

HMS Defiant said...

Oh, I knew the genesis of it but watching as the nursing staff wheels computer after computer down the corridors makes me wonder. 20 years ago if you stayed in a hotel in Korea you had a hotel computer with internet provided in your room. You would think with what hospitals charge they could have wired the little beasts up in the room and left them there but that isn't how it works at any hospital I've been to or any doctor's office. In the meantime you have the staff messing about with power plugs and data cords and it's a mess.