Wednesday, February 27, 2019


There is no lie they won't hesitate to give voice to in order to tarnish President Trump and both of them are just about equally credible to the fools in Congress.


capt fast said...

cohen reminds me so much why and how I came to dislike lawyers oh, so very much. people used to be courteous to each other before lawyers. people used to understand that there is a consequence for getting caught doing an illegal activity. because lawyers. they wrote the laws so that only they knew what the rules were. now, we are stuck with them. The Roman legion had a punishment called "decimation". literally, and army wide punishment of killing every tenth man-officers and grunts-to avenge a slight or loss. and by God the Legions were a disciplined and successful lot in a time and place where literal mobs ruled. because each man was accountable to every other man of the Legion.
today we have lawyers. and all this mess. we are failing to require people to be accountable for their actions. because according to lawyers, it wouldn't be fair. time for a bit of "decimation".

HMS Defiant said...

We got off the beam early in our history when the Supreme Court ruled in Madison vs Marbury. The President should have just ignored them.