Saturday, February 16, 2019


I'm sure that our communist/socialist leadership have considered the benefits of sticking to the old ways when it comes to carbon reduction and facilitation of transportation of goods and people. Who could possibly be more green than that great benefactor of the people, Joseph Stalin. Oh sure, he followed where better men had gone before but if one simply steps back a century or two there are all kinds of ways to eliminate the climate destroying transportation networks of the modern era by, wait for it......building canals and using mules to draw the barges up and down the canal networks. Nobody ever talks about mule farts so they're OK and therefore won't be contributing to the greenhouse gasses that are killing our planet.

Bernie and Alexandria and all the never Trump people think that the people who voted for Trump could best be employed in digging those canals, by hand and it would almost certainly lead to full employment although a lot of people will be missing when they decide to take our guns away, for the children, in the name of the People.


SCOTTtheBADGER said...

Socialists have always looked approvingly upon slave labor.

HMS Defiant said...

All governments have. I don't think we will ever see a repeat of the draft although I note that the Congressional Black Caucus thinks it's a good idea because they imagine it would impart some sort of skills to people who just went through 12 years of government schooling without learning how to read or write or learn any skills.
OTGH, one needs to believe, at some fundamental basis that fighting for country, God and motherhood is somehow a duty and the public education system in this country has knocked that in the head with a sledgehammer for over 12 years of 'education' and nobody under 50 believes in that anymore. Schools only teach rights and never the duties of citizenship and you know that when you get summoned for jury duty and the Judge tells you what your role is there as a citizen.