Friday, February 22, 2019


The USN admirals are scratching their collective bald heads and wondering how to get Destroyers through the hands of the greedy grasping desperate shipyards faster.

Duh, cowboy. You incentivize them to get off their lazy dead ass, hire workers and perform to contract. In other words you fire the shiftless lazy f#cks at SupShip and start rewarding the shipyards that do meet their obligations with more work and stop sending ships to the crappy shipyards that don't perform to specification. Duh!!!!!

I remember the Navy when I got commissioned, that towed my first ship, USS Connole out of a failing shipyard in Boston in spite of the shipyard trying to use cranes to blockade the ship in their yard. They underperformed hugely and finally the Navy grew a pair and towed their ship out and sent it to another yard. I got more and better quality work done in a 10 day Dry Docking SRA in Bahrain or Jubail then I did in a 10 week Dry Dock SRA in Southwest Marine in San Diego or in a 9 month DSRA in Todd Shipyard, Seattle.

There is a huge difference between people who do work for industry where time is money and those who do "work" for government where time doesn't matter and overruns are just part of the business of low-balling bids.

And for those who think we need to preserve the defense industrial base, no we don't. We are way better off letting the crap stick to the wall and dry in the sunlight of total exposure. If you doubt me, look at what happened after NASA was jacked up and space flight got true competition. We also saw it in WWII. When the regulator swings a big stick, compliance follows and everybody profits.

It is probably time to refocus the courts and teach them their responsibility again. They are skating very close to the edge where any sane elected official is just going to invite them to rally their tank divisions on the National Mall and go head to head with the elected government. One judge in one state does not have the right to overturn the actions of the government or the President.


Captain Steve said...

Oh yes. I remember well limping out of PHNSY and then getting well at Sasebo.

HMS Defiant said...

My very worst captain, an utter idiot, was in PHNSY for overhaul on 'his' destroyer and then they towed it over to SIMA for another 9 months of work. That idiot never got his destroyer underway on its own engines. I heard he got sacked in NOLA for peculation and ended up at the Naval Academy as deputy second under assistant coach of his football team. He was a complete Sapp.

SCOTTtheBADGER said...

It would be nice if they told Marinette Marine to stop building LCSes, and have them start building NANSEN class FFGs, as our new JOHN C BUTLER class DEGs The Little Coffin Ships serve no purpose, other than to get sailors killed.

HMS Defiant said...

I remember having lunch in the wardroom on Esteem in the Persian Gulf back in 88 and we had our commodore aboard. He had been CO of one of the first MCMs out of Marinette Marine and sailed the Great Lakes to the sea and was telling us how he was advised that he shouldn't have sailed because his crypto machines hadn't been installed or even onboard and he might miss the news if our country went to war. He said, "well, we moored in a different port every night on the way out and I'm sure I would have read about it in the newspapers. I'd have to get up and go the journals to recall what his name was. He was one of the 2 good ones we had over there in two years.