Sunday, September 24, 2017


I have decided to boycott the NFL: now and forever. This is no sacrifice on my part. I haven't watched a complete game of football since 1988. I think that one of the reasons I stopped watching was because I somehow had grasped the essential meaning of this little pie chart way back then.

Average televised NFL game time breakdown
Study performed by the Wall Street Journal

Given the fire in which all men burn, why would anyone waste their time and watch football? It seems like a chump's game to me. There were, growing up, a thousand other things I'd rather be doing and those stayed with me all of my life. I could spend that time outdoors, walking, caving, biking, sailing, going to the beach, going for a drive in the country or reading a book, going to a museum, exploring the cities I lived in or just taking a nap.

I only propose a boycott after the magnificent nonsense this week where President Trump denounced the foul little orcs who disrespect our country and play for the NFL and get paid millions to come out once a week and play a game and the response by the NFL Commissioner who made a statement in reply to President Trump.

So what outrages Goodell and by extension all of the NFL team owners and players is that President Trump had the damned gall to disrespect the NFL, the stupid game and the orcs who play it and he doesn't understand what an overwhelming force for good the orcs have been.

Neat isn't it? President Trump denounces the NFL for disrespecting the United States of America and gets slapped with the wet minnow by Goodell denouncing the President for disrespecting the NFL. Well, I know who I fought for and it sure as hell wasn't the NFL or the game or even the goals of the NFL.

I'm boycotting the NFL and all of its advertisers.


Thomas said...

Hell yeah +1

Any right-thinking person WOULD and SHOULD have a profound lack of respect for the NFL. Unless somehow thuggery, illiteracy, etc are supposed to be the American way. It's not 1986 anymore.

Thomas said...
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OldAFSarge said...

Stopped watching on a regular basis about five years ago.

Freed up a lot of time it did, didn't have to watch the thugs anymore, life is good.