Friday, September 29, 2017


If this report is true it looks like the Oakland Raiders deliberately threw a game by letting the quarterback play alone on the field. I suspect it is true and that nobody will ever mention it again. Just think of all the punters and the over/unders who thought Oakland could win the game going in. Anywhere else it would be a major sports scandal. In this day and age it won't even be investigated.
A new report from The Armstrong and Getty Radio Show has sent shockwaves throughout the sports world after it was claimed that members of the NFL’s Oakland Raiders may have purposefully allowed their star quarterback to get sacked multiple times after he refused to kneel during the National Anthem.
If true, this would essentially mean that an NFL football game was illegally thrown over anger that one of the teams star white players did not believe that kneeling during the nations anthem was the correct way to protest supposed racial injustice in America.
In other words, an epic level scandal.
During the anthem, virtually the entire team was seen kneeling other than the teams coaches and star quarterback Derek Carr. Unfortunately, this may have not set well with the teams offensive line as they were apparently the players who spearheaded the entire idea to kneel as a team in the first.
Somehow you knew it would come to this, didn't you.

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I'm hoping it goes further.