Saturday, September 2, 2017


Every single cop that took part in this crime needs to be convicted, lose their right to carry a firearm or ever wear a police badge again and that includes the cop in green who stood by and the other cop in blue who stood by while a brutal crime was committed by one of 'their own.' This kind of behavior is exactly why all those guys with rifles showed up last year in the confrontation that the government was having with a rancher. The public is losing or has already lost confidence in the police to actually carry out the law and is getting tired of the gestapo tactics they've decided are necessary to subdue the populace. There's a word for that kind of behavior and it is criminal.

UPDATE: I have deleted the email from the hospital POV. Too Long, Didn't View. The police camera shows it in all it's gruesome detail in under 3 minutes and it's 'focused'. Yeah, focused. Police going crazy on a citizen who is doing no more than pointing out the law. I think it happens a lot more than most people realize.

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