Wednesday, September 27, 2017


I drove over to the upper lake yesterday to get some pictures of the little dredge in action as it sucks the mud off the bottom and shoots it through a pipeline to the shore where it dries and is loaded into trucks and carried away. Naturally, NPR was on for the 3 minute drive and in that time they managed to convince me once again that they live in an entirely separate universe.

The host of whatever airs at 1100 had a guest on with him to pontificate about the state of the political divide in this country and naturally they couldn't possibly scare up somebody with an opposite and opposing view point so they had to make do with one of their own soundboards. The host asked in a roundabout way if there was any substance to the right wing (center) complaint that academe was pure liberal progressive from the administrators to the faculty to the students and the soundboard was forced into the most evasive dodging and twisting I've ever heard on the People's Radio.

He hemmed and hawed and said that it was mostly malarky because diversity and shut up. At this point I'd both had enough and reached the lake. It's interesting that the People's Radio and TV network can be relied upon 100% to ask such questions only in-house and of their own fellow travelers. Had they asked the question of Powerline or Anne Coulter or Milo or just about anybody outside the Beltway/NYC complex they would have gotten the truth. But they don't want truth, they only want vindication and your money.

In a way, the People's Radio is exactly like that little dredge sucking up pond muck and goose shit off the bottom and spilling it out somewhere else. Both the dredge and NPR pretty much suck.


Anonymous said...

One of the top reasons that I don't listen to NPR.

Paul L. Quandt

HMS Defiant said...

What can I say, it became a habit and it's hard to kick and I used to listen to the real whackjobs at Pacifica on long night drives out of San Jose to San Diego because they could keep me amused for a couple of hours with their stupidity.