Tuesday, September 5, 2017


I suspect that people are making some very dangerous assumptions about North Korea and Kim. I think neither he nor they care a rat's patoot about what we may or may not do in some bland sanctioning of N. Korea but we sure as hell have lost sight of what N. Korea can do to us. As another commenter elsewhere noted, in 1939 Americans saw the Japanese as short, buck-toothed, blind idiots and treated them as such when Congress embargoed Japan following the Japanese invasion of China. They learned a potent lesson when the Imperial Japanese Navy, the same one that crushed the Tsar's navy like a bug, attacked and bombed Pearl Harbor. Surprise!

If we sanction N. Korea and embargo their trade and the trade of any country that trades with them then Kim has very little left to sell.....except for Hydrogen bombs. He can sell to the highest bidder, FOB, Pyongyang and leave it to the customer to get the bombs off Peninsula. ISIS or Al Quaeda sound like likely buyers but then so does Erdogan.

We might be a little further behind in the race to renewed hostilities than we think. If I was Kim I'd be as bellicose as I wanted to be if I already had my agents sitting on hydrogen or even atomic bombs in Hawaii, San Diego, LA, San Francisco and Seattle. The US Customs people inspect less than 1/10th of 1 percent of all the shipping containers that arrive in the United States every year and they come from all over the world.

I figure if Kim is smart the bombs are in Pearl Harbor and San Diego. If he's crazy mad and vicious they're going to be in LA and San Francisco. We need to stop getting wrapped up in what we're going to do to Kim and the Norks and consider what he is going to do to us.

Oh, and all that nonsense with missiles, just misdirection for the credulous who still play 3 card monte on the sidewalk or think they know which cup the magician hid the little ball under.

I sure hope the alphabet agencies really do have orbital nuclear detectors that can track a bomb moving across the ocean and pinpoint its location. I'd look to the shipping news to see if there have been any unexplained sinkings mid-Pacific but I don't think their wet work teams are going to leave any survivors to explain that they were just innocent fishermen when they were attacked out of the blue by an LA-688I and ADCAP torpedoes.


The Old Man said...

I agree with your analysis - even though DiFi and SanFraNan leaving the building on a column of nuclear fire is interesting. But he's got to take out the Navy (for his Chinese masters) so Pearl and Sandy Eggo seem like tops on the hit parade. The more he emplaces, the greater chance of discovery so 2 seems like the optimal number.
Just my opinion, I'm an old ground pounder, not a high-speed, low-drag type.

HMS Defiant said...

What if there are also Chinese agents sitting on bombs in those locations? All the missile malarky in the world doesn't obviate the most obvious and easy attack vector.

The Old Man said...

That, amigo, only increases the numbers and identities of those who can trigger the weapons. Perhaps it makes it more likely that there are only two weapons - but I would argue that it increases the probability that the weapons are already emplaced and ready to go. I don't see it as lessening the threat.

HMS Defiant said...

No. At this point you really don't want to live in a target city like NEW YORK or DC or Boston or Baltimore or, well, take you pick. The old industrial cities of the midwest strike me as being safe. Who'd blow up Pittsburgh or Cleveland? Honestly?