Thursday, September 7, 2017


Having them crash is one way to get them off the Air Force inventory. It's not a route I would have chosen but then I'm not an Air Force 4 star. No doubt the unharmed pilots will be lofted into the air again soon in freshly revivified A10s for another run at the mountain of doom. While their justice branch moves with the ponderous tread of dinosaurs, the slow hand of doom just moves the stick a little tiny bit for enormous but quiet results. Kind of like how they "lose" at red flag competitions against people like the Turks and Dutch and claim that they need way way more $ if they expect to survive on a modern battlefield.  OTOH, the newer Russian SAMs make me think they will last about as long as snowflakes in Hell. They better hope the cruise missiles do their thing before they are called out to do their thing and gain air superiority.

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