Saturday, September 12, 2015


Bloomberg takes the prize this week for truly awful sports coverage. The only photo in the piece is of the loser and the only quote from the winner is an 'apology for upsetting a potential historic event.' I know, it wasn't sports coverage despite the misleading title. Par for this course.

Speaking of par, I glimpsed at the Washington-Redskin's-birdcage-lining-Post that a new Federal Study finds that adults over the age of 50 should lower their blood pressure and the latest study forms the basis for the Post's call for those geezers to get their systolic blood pressure under 120 in spite of the fact that long available studies have shown both that normal blood pressure is under 120 and that once you have high blood pressure there isn't a damn thing you personally can do about it except get your doctor to put you on blood pressure medication. There is little need for Dr. Weintraub to lecture the public with his asinine quote reproduced in the redskin Post:

"grazing". Really? Srsly?
There is more but the Post restricts viewers like me to 2 lines at a time. There are also helpful directives mixed in that claim we eat to much salt etc. When, I wonder, did Federal researchers get anything at all right after the invention of the hydrogen bomb? All of the dietary and health revelations are overturned as so much make-believe and show as much resemblance to actual science as Michelle Obama's school lunch directive or the chicken little global warming scam preached by famous federal researchers like Al Gore and Michael Mann.

Don't you find it curious that 'researchers' are always finding ways of extending human lifespan and blame any failure to live forever on some weakness or character flaw that leads people to have strokes, heart attacks or even cancer? I've noticed that some people with good genetics live a long time and stay active and mentally sharp decades after other good people have succumbed to the ailments of age. I think lifespan is almost purely a matter of genetics and luck and that people prattling about healthy lifestyles are making it up as they market snake oil science.


OldAFSarge said...

Back in the day the government researchers were given a mission and given the funding to accomplish that mission. In fact, the "researchers" didn't exist until the need was seen and acted on. These days "government researcher" is just a label for all those academics churning out junk science on our dime.

Concur with the genetics, sure you can find ways to kill yourself early but if it ain't in your genes, you won't live a long, long time.

Everything spewed is a way to harvest our money. And waste taxpayer money.

HMS Defiant said...

I find it interesting that one cannot begin to imagine Einstein or Feynman as government researchers. Indeed, the mind boggles at such and yet they pushed science to the limits. These days government researchers seem to confine themselves to insular little worlds where the best we can expect from them is they not let the weaponized smallpox, anthrax or HIV out of the lab by "accident."