Sunday, September 13, 2015


I was just reading about how enlightened Germany's Chancellor is and how she is insisting that all other European countries must take their "fair share" of terrorists and migrants and then this.
Germany is closing its borders to migrants, apparently overwhelmed by the crush of people who have flooded into the country since it said that migrants and refugees were welcome.
The country is using emergency powers to again close its border with Austria to the south after 12,200 people entered the city of Munich on Saturday alone, according to The New York Times. Germany had previously relaxed its border controls in an effort to help the human flood seeking refuge from conflict and chaos in the Middle East and Africa.
Germany's Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière said that Germany, the richest country in Europe, could not host all of the migrants who are entering Europe, and he also said the refugees cannot just choose where they will live and will have to be settled throughout Europe by European governments.
And so the richest country in Europe joins the less well off in demanding an end to uncontrolled invasion. Who didn't see that coming?


virgil xenophon said...

Who didn't? Just EVERY LIV lefty in Europe and the US, that's all...about 50% of the pop in the US and 70 in Europe. And I'm basically optimistic! (although still thoroughly's experiences will do that to one :) )

HMS Defiant said...

Was it only yesterday that Merkel was bleating for all other Europeans to shoulder any burden, spare no expense and absorb hundreds of thousands of terrorists as the simple price of being pan-European? Yes, yes it was. If you refugee camps are good enough and have been good enough for generations of Palestinians who couldn't settle in Syria or any other Arab country than surely Europe can build some lovely camps in Turkey and call it a day.