Thursday, September 17, 2015


Somehow I ended up on the email distribution list for the DeSmog reality dodgers. They sent me this plea:

I think they're laughably insane. They actually refer to themselves as "independent" journalists and cite their very own research data base which, I wonder where they got that since most of the climate doomfrauds have carefully maintained that they lost all their records of observations and data adjustments, not to mention the algorithms used to infest their climate models and so all they can offer now are conclusions based on vapor since none of their data survived contact with their alt reality.

I'm also in the market for your donations and I too need your help so that I can tear myself away from my vital research and spend a couple of unflinching weeks in Paris during the next ClimateScam summit. I also have UNcredentials so don't hold back. Send your donation today!

All donations gratefully accepted and each donation over $50,000 will save a genuine unicorn!


Anonymous said...

30K for a Parisian vacation? Looks like they are going for those nice French hookers, not those cheap Philippina ones.

HMS Defiant said...

I plan to stay only at a hotel that is on the government per diem rate so I will be staying in the Presidential Suite at the George V. If it's good enough for private citizen Hillary Clinton, it's good enough for me. Expensive 'Choices': U.S. taxpayers spent $55,000 on travel expenses for Hillary Clinton's BOOK TOUR in Paris and Berlin – including a her $3,668-a-night hotel suite
$3,668 hotel suite at the posh Four Seasons George V hotel in Paris
$5,100 to rent three Mercedes-Benz VIP vans in Berlin, curiously billed to the Homeland Security Department's Office of Inspector General
State Department paid for nearly $50,000 of the costs even though Mrs. Clinton no longer heads the cabinet agency.

I'm cheaper since I'll only require 2 mercedes vans.