Thursday, September 17, 2015


Where were all these desperate people fleeing the evils of western society struggling like crazy to get into Hungary when it was firmly behind the Iron Curtain? Make no mistake, I believe that many of them want to get in so that they can live the rich capitalist life and gradually turn the place into just another islamic hellhole on earth like all the other islamic hellholes on earth. That's their nature. That doesn't count the countless (roughly 75%) who want to impose sharia law wherever they live and think its just dandy to kill Jews, slay and enslave Christians and make life thoroughly miserable for everybody until they are brutally suppressed (Egypt anybody?) After all, allah wills it!

They can stay in Turkey with their brothers in allah and continue to run the clock back to the 8th century among people who prefer to live rich fulfilling 8th century lives.
The UN refugee agency has criticised Hungary's hardline anti-migrant stance, saying it could violate the 1951 Refugee Convention.
You know, it's a funny thing when the UN of all people chimes in to complain of barbaric treatment of arabs who are currently living in Serbia. You remember the UNRWA right? They've been working hard to increase the number of palestinian refugees since 1948 and seem not to care that not one single barbarous arab country will admit the refugees and let them settle and become citizens. I think it's because palestinians, arabs and muslims make for very bad neighbors. Ask the Copts or the Druze or the Jews or the Christians remaining in dar al islam.

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