Wednesday, September 30, 2015


It isn't really surprising that 8 years of handpicked military leaders by the worst picker president of all time have led to the Blunderforce. How did savvy admirals and generals come to the decision that one airplane would satisfy all their nonstrategic combat roles after every single one of them was indoctrinated with just what a disaster the tactical fighter was? Everybody had doubts but all doubters were taken around back and either kneecapped or had their heads blown off by the Penta-warriors.

USS GUARDIAN aground. Ships with best navigation system in the world useless when mapmakers make 8 mile errors in plotting the location of little things like reefs.

The Navy has spent the same time frame pissing away its fleet replacement money buying littoral combat ships that can handle neither the littorals nor combat and by building 3 incredibly worthless land attack ships designed to take the place of ? what? Ships designed to replace cruise missiles? Aircraft? It's important to keep in mind that the ships replaced and scrapped by the LCS were able to actually run over sea mines and survive the resulting devastation and take hits from 2 ship killer missiles and survive the engagement thanks to benign seas and a permissive environment.
LCS in foreground with a 57mm gun and DDG behind with 5 inch gun and a missile system that can track and kill everything from cruise missiles to ballistic missiles and satellites.

Army and their women rangers strategy is beginning to suffer its ineluctable fate as the truth comes out. The truth always comes out. In the meantime, do we ever hear anybody refer to the number of divisions that are in overall readiness for immediate combat operations deployed anywhere in the world. Do you remember when that number was being used to beat the Bush? It's much much worse now since we are long passed the days of 'cost of war money' appropriations and have been in the budget sequester disaster for years which has reduced Defense and Army spending every year.

Old style professionalism the air force way. ..endless pop tests, quizzes, investigations and firings even though step one of every procedure is to pick up the manual, open to correct page and read and follow the checklist. Air Force policy dictates that nobody above the rank of lieutenant colonel ever be held responsible in any way shape or form and they are sticklers for policy if nothing else.

In the navy it used to mean keeping the ships at sea with occasional runs ashore to breed and run wild. Now it means occasional brief periods at sea uniquely warped to encompass longer deployments while spending most of their time at home in shipyards and repair activities and breeding is positively discouraged.

Nobody knows what the Marines are really up to but it used to mean making do with the cast off weapons and equipment the army, navy and air force didn't want or need or know how to exploit to wring more money from Congress. No doubt they'll let us know what they're up to when General Mattis heads to Washington DC.

The armed forces are doing no worse though than the State Department which decided to wage war on and destroy Libya, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia and most of Europe while snuggling up to Iran and promising them aid and all assistance to develop peaceful nuclear powered bombs. They toppled regimes friendly to our interests in places and squashed initiatives that would have enhanced the independence of friendly regimes in eastern Europe.

The United States is going to crush VW for the crime of fooling the incompetent idiots who administer smog tests. VW employs 600,000 Germans who are going to be looking for work just about the same time that 1 million muslim men of military age and background are welcomed into Germany by Merkel and her slavies in the EU Commission and government. They are going to compete for the remaining jobs. That is going to go so well.

I'm not sure that the world can take another two years of Obama and democrats and moderates like Boehner and yet we must. It might be a good idea for those who used to count on us to prop them up and keep the barbarians at the gate to do what this blog has recommended for so many years. You better arm yourself because this time there is no one behind you except the new domestic enemies your witless governments admitted over the last decade.

Minimum weapons/men required by  police for just one single bomber in Boston

Armed men required by Boston Police in order to safely approach citizen of Boston


virgil xenophon said...

Yes, clear your fields of fire and lay in LOTS of extra ammo..todays Navy couldn't even defeat the Paraguayan Navy or todays USAF the Costa Rican Air Force. The Army and Marines? Does Belieze have an Army? I guess the jury may still be out on that one..

virgil xenophon said...

PS: RE: the pics above, whatever happened to the old Texan confidence expressed in the "one Riot one Ranger"
Philosophy? lol.

HMS Defiant said...

I'm reading the Russian impact on ISIS now that they've launched massive repeated airstrikes without any concern whatsoever for what is in the target area. War the old fashioned way. To the Death!

We'll get it back before they cross the ocean though. Pity about Europe but then now that it has become a muslim land it has lost much of its old allure.