Monday, August 3, 2015


We have moved into an anniversary of sorts. The low information sorts will probably re-exploit their mantra but some of us have moved on and consider what the United States just did in sanctioning the Ayatollah's atomic bomb project the final step on the path to atomic war. A lot of people are curious about the effect of the ayatollah launching a nuke at what he calls a "one bomb state."


I wonder how much of Persia is going to disappear in thermo-nuclear dust. Oh sure, Qom, Tehran, Bandar Abbas, Shiraz. I'm not really sure what will be left but it will be highly radioactive. What exactly makes the idiots who run Iran think that Bibi Netanyahu is going to soak up the first hit with an atomic weapon? Who could fail to remember the wars against Israel? Bibi is Maggie Thatcher and Golda Meir on testosterone.

My standing orders from COMIDEASTFOR and the NCA in the Persian Gulf over 30 years ago let me shoot first if I thought an attack was imminent because the enemy displayed hostile intent. The orders went so far as to order me to not suck up the first strike. In 1984 we weren't concerned about retaliating against Iran, we were going to see to it that the attacker died trying. That's what all the press agony was about when Vincennes terminated an apparent attack after we fought a major sea battle against Iran in 1988. Admittedly, you didn't notice but we destroyed a significant fraction of their navy in an afternoon after they stupidly attacked USS Wainwright about 11 miles from me.

I was there.  NOBODY  ignored warnings to change course and shear off. That would inevitably lead to death. When Saudi or UAE air defense issued a warning on IAD and MAD, pilots all over the Gulf responded with emphatic cries that they were changing course.

Obama doesn't have the gonads to attack Iran but most of the rest of the world is forced to conclude that Iran is not giving them any choice in the matter and they are ready. . . now. We were ready then.

We Are Ready Now


Captain Steve said...

"We were ready then."

But not, I fear now. Will, not capability.

Anne Bonney said...

Well said - and thanks for the great link

HMS Defiant said...

To be honest, our dual 3"50's weren't all that dangerous and only one of our CIWS might work and, to be totally honest, the GM had no clue about how to assemble a working M60, but, for values of dangerous....

we had ships like USS TEXAS as our escort.

MSOs later got the non-viable FFG with the MK13 launcher that had a latch problem and any missile thrown to the rail, fell back into the magazine in a few seconds. Gave all of us unarmed ships a real warm fuzzy.

virgil xenophon said...

Yes, modern warfare is so lethal that it's suicidal to wait until one can see the whites of the likes of Mohammad Atta's eyes..

Unfortunately Obama never met a Muslim he didn't like...good luck with the ROE!