Thursday, August 13, 2015


There is an interesting review of Steyn's latest book posted at wattsupwiththat. I highly recommend hitting the link and reading the entire review. I found it amusing but disturbing that Mann's friend decided to write his own review even though the book hasn't shipped yet and I doubt Steyn or his publisher would send him an advance copy.

This is the final nail through the coffin lid of the Global Warming Scam and it's little sidecar of deceit. Al Gore made it a war on warming but I think we have all seen how the failure to win that war lead to the war on climate change. It looks like a war nobody can win because whatever kind of weather we experience in the future the fools and morons will rush to shriek, "Climate Change!!!!" and demand our billions of dollars to "fight it."

Anyway, if you enjoy a rousing debunking of a myth manufactured out of pseudo-science, lies and deceit, you won't find better.

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