Saturday, August 22, 2015


Those familiar with the history of World War II and the code breaking era know of the extraordinary damage the allies were able to wreak on our enemies because we read their top secret messages because we were able to break the Enigma and Purple Codes (and a host of others). We were able to predict the Japanese attack on Midway and position what remained of our Pacific Fleet in a position to destroy the Japanese Navy's aircraft carriers and end the Japanese onslaught and begin turning the war into a string of never-ending defeats for Japan.

Hillary and her enablers in the State Department put us in the position of the Japanese and the Germans by giving away our top secret positions on every single matter of diplomacy and war that fell under the auspices of the U.S. State Department. Those people need to go to jail.

People (albeit dim witted people) wonder how Putin was able to pull off such masterful accomplishments as stealing Crimea back from Ukraine, aiding Syria in pulling off the Syrian chemical weapons scam that bamboozled the ignorant because he knew that Barack was only lying when he talked about a red line and invading Ukraine with impunity and complete assurance because he knew that diplomatically and presidentially nothing would happen to him as a result of invading a foreign sovereign government's country. How did he know all this? He read it in Hillary Clinton's damned email because the Russians had every scrap of data off her server in real time.

People who have no idea how National Security Information works may wonder at the vehemence of those who do know at the calamity that Hillary initiated because she broke the law. Charlie Martin gives an expert and easy to follow example of just what had to happen in order for Top Secret SCI information to get onto Hillary's home server and servers in a bathroom closet in Denver in Hillary's Air Gap Problem.

Hillary Clinton and her aides and even 'real diplomats' who sent Top Secret information to Hillary at her .com address need to go to jail. People who break those laws must be sentenced to prison and not receive presidential pardons if the law is to have any meaning and encourage people to obey the law. Scooter Libby was sentenced to prison for far less and people like Pollard and Manning will spend decades in prison for violating the same exact law.

I've always known that Hillary Clinton was scum but this time she cannot evade responsibility for her actions and neither should any of those who sent her TS SCI information at her email address. There was NO WAY that this could have happened by accident. No way in the world could it happen by accident. Some idiot installer may stupidly and inadvertently connect a SIPRNET server to a NIPRNET connection but there is no way that can happen with this level of information. Somebody pulled it off a stand-alone terminal, stripped the headers and footers and the paragraph markings and knowingly communicated it to an unclassified unprotected server.

Consider all the damage we were able to do to our enemies throughout World War II and much of the Cold War because we could read their diplomatic and military coded messages and communications. There were a lot of times when we weren't bluffing at all because we knew what our enemies would accept if push came to shove and our President and his staff knew they could get away with forcing the enemy that far, if no further. Hillary put us in that position but this time it was our enemies who knew what are diplomatic bottom line was better than anybody on the planet because they read her mail and it included the President's stance on any given topic under active consideration at the State Department.

I'm going to wait patiently for somebody to now leap out of the woodwork and exclaim that "Hillary was a Stalking Horse and she was DELIBERATELY feeding misinformation to our enemies by engaging in this private home based server email system!" She was being used by the Intel Community in a deliberate plan for deceiving our enemies. Wait for it, it will happen soon. Never mind that it seems to have always worked in favor of damaging our national security our credibility  and world peace.

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Anonymous said...

I am afraid to think that the author is spot on with his assessment of the damage that Hillary has done with her pure stupidity (benefit of the doubt) and not knowingly compromised our national security. But how in heck can Obama protect her after all of the political and personal damage she has done to him and his legacy by her actions. The American people have begun to believe that Obama has been the worst president concerning foreign affairs in particular when in fact, much of what may have happened is a result of Hillary's actions and the fact that foreign governments have known his every move because of her. So is jail appropriate for her? You bet it is!