Sunday, August 23, 2015


Jerry Pournelle at Chaos Manor writes a damning indictment of global warmingology.
Man made climate change is in the same situation except that there are no lab experiments; but their models do no predict the past, so why should we believe they will predict the future? We know it has been warmer (in Viking times, and probably in Roman times), and rather than ex[plain that they adjust the data. I don’t know how to measure the temperature of my city block to a tenth of a degree; when they can do that reliably I will believe they know the Earth temperature to that accuracy. When you can take the conditions of 1950 as input to a model and run it and it gives today’s conditions, I will take the model seriously; but I cannot see any reason to spend billions of dollars on measures there is no real evidence to show we need. I like Los Angeles without smog. I don’t worry a lot about CO2 “pollution”. But then I don’t invest in green technology.
As I read the news about witchfinders in climate science I am struck by the hysteria with which the warmists approach the apocalypse they alone predict. They are not people I would trust with a gun because I have no doubt they would use it to compel all the rest of us to obey the hysterical nonsense they spout.

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