Thursday, August 20, 2015


I see that the People's Democratic Republic of Californiastan are legislating again in their ongoing endeavor to make the Republic safe for illegal aliens, public sector unions and elected politicians. They've come up with a crafty plan to ensure continued Title IX employment for life at every level of education in both the private and public arenas. All this in response to claims that not enough is currently being done about campus sexual assault accusations. "Yes-means-yes policies already define sexual consent in a way that will lead to more students being accused of sexual misconduct for non-criminal activities."
Two more bills currently in the California state legislature would aim to address the issue. One would require all of the state's universities – public and private – to disclose what disciplinary actions were taken against students accused of sexual assault. Another bill would require universities to indicate on transcripts when a student cannot re-enroll due to a suspension or expulsion.
I don't know why these people run in fear of the Feds and their iron barbed whips. If I was the campus administrator or university president I would dignify every accusation with the same response and have my people call the local police with jurisdiction and have them investigate each allegation. How can justice be better than that? We are all in search of justice, aren't we?

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