Saturday, April 25, 2015


I quite admire the people that put this gem up all over Youngstown University campus. Good job dudes and dudettes! Roll on Kufra!

The diversity troops took it like an impi taking a British column in the Zulu Wars. Of course, after that was the defense of Roark's Drift. If you've never seen that little book on infantry in defense, it's a gem.

I forget, it might be Red Dwarf or something from Gerald Durrell. "I quite like shouting!"

Most of us would just like you to sit down, shut up or go away. We really don't care. Unless you're a nubile girl and plan to take your clothes off to make your point about some ism in which case, you have my full attention.

To the crew that put up these posters, Bravo Zulu!


Captain Steve said...

Yes!!! Where is YSU??

OldAFSarge said...


Perhaps common sense will break out in other places as well!

HMS Defiant said...

Youngstown is extreme northeast Ohio on the Lake. I used to think of it as a suburb of Pittsburgh.

HMS Defiant said...

We can dream but I just saw another case of a university, in London, holding a diversity conference and positively refusing whites or men to attend until called hard on it.

HMS Defiant said...

It was the Vogon in Douglas Adams universe that quite enjoyed shouting at people. I just placed where that came from.