Tuesday, December 16, 2014


A real true blue moron named Michael Tomasky proudly penned an article for The Daily Beast. You should read it. Seriously, read it. Tomasky pretty much spells out why I made the decision to drop my newspaper and news magazine subscriptions and stop watching television altogether.

That idiot doesn't have a clue how he sounds to anybody familiar with history. He is writing, with great disdain, about the entire Southern United States and the people who live there. It is clear that this elitist would have been happy to fight the Civil War from Broadway in New York City and then grab his carpet bag and trundle on down to the defeated States of the United States of America and screw them out of every cent, every peck of grain, and every piece of moveable  property in retaliation for their failure to let themselves be pushed around by a ruthless majority of Congress.

Stalin and the Red Army in Ukraine could not bear more animus to a conquered people than Tomasky and the Liberal Progressive People's Democratic Party. Look at what he writes:
But it’s not just a question of numbers. The main point is this: Trying to win Southern seats is not worth the ideological cost for Democrats. As Memphis Rep. Steve Cohen recently told my colleague Ben Jacobs, the Democratic Party cannot (and I’d say should not) try to calibrate its positions to placate Southern mores: “It’s come to pass, and really a lot of white Southerners vote on gays and guns and God, and we’re not going to ever be too good on gays and guns and God.”
I'm always impressed when the socialist lib/progs rear up on their hind legs and spout about how they must be allowed to constrain your freedom of speech, take away your inalienable right to keep and bear arms and forbid you the free exercise of religion because you got it all wrong. They don't say it with irony. They really do want to kill your God, take away your right to defend yourself and ram their morality down your throat. They can't even claim that God gives them the right since they mostly deny and abjure God.

I don't know what motivates other people to oppose the Liberal Progressive People's Democratic Party, but for me, the answer is simple. We cannot afford their policies. Right now the only way to pay off an intergenerational debt that will not be paid off in the lifetime of your great great great grand children, is to do what socialists ALWAYS do when they get in that fix and inflate the hell out of the money supply. I owe you $22 trillion of government debt, would you take 22, trillion dollar bills? I think the Fed owes more than $50 trillion of debt that they used to pump the economy over the last 7 years. I'm sure they could print off a handful of $10 trillion dollar bills and pay it off tomorrow.

Saddest of all, there are probably 320 million Americans who think that would work just fine and don't have any idea why we don't just go ahead and do it already.
At the time of its introduction in 1980, the Zimbabwean dollar was worth more than the U.S. dollar in the official exchange market, with 1 ZWD = 1.47 USD
But today, as we learned in Sunday’s Times, state attorneys general, many in the South, are colluding with energy companies to fight federal regulation of energy plants.
When did it become against the law for States to work together to defeat bad legislation? Has this idiot Tomasky never heard of lobbyists? Senators? Congressmen?
It’s lost. It’s gone. A different country. And maybe someday it really should be. I’ll save that for another column. Until that day comes, the Democratic Party shouldn’t bother trying. If they get no votes from the region, they will in turn owe it nothing, and in time the South, which is the biggest welfare moocher in the world in terms of the largesse it gets from the more advanced and innovative states, will be on its own, which is what Southerners always say they want anyway.
Nobody alive today has direct memory of what happened the last time the accord of the Union was broken by people who felt they had very little left to lose after being driven out of the concern of the political majority in Washington DC. It wasn't so much about slavery then and it won't be about electoral votes the next time. Kurt Schlichter speculates what a Red America and a separate Blue America would look like in short order.

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