Monday, December 1, 2014


USA Today reports that Obama friend and fund raiser is accused of raping a child. Oddly, as far as I can tell, they are the only major organized news service in the United States to report this story. That's kind of odd. Not only was this man a huge fundraiser extraordinaire for Obama, he was founder of a NAMBLA type organization devoted to human rights.

You might know them. A lot of them have this sticker on their cars. They're proud and they won't allow others to tell them what sex is wrong or should be held illegal. They'll decide for themselves if the law means what it says and thank you very much Obama for giving us cover to decide for ourselves if the age of consent is 8 or maybe 10. After all, if neither the President nor the Attorney General obey the law, why should they?

When he was 'done', Roman Polanski put his shoes on and fled the country forever.  Wanna bet Obama pardons him the way Clinton pardoned Rich?

Obama is anti-civilization. It won't surprise me at all if he pardons 955,000 people on his last day as president and leaves office. Holder is already drawing up names for the massive file of losers who will receive presidential pardons. [It's a muslim tradition to pardon just about everybody at certain occasions and his departure from power follows one of the most glaring examples of this kind of behavior of ruling monarchs in the Arab world.]

You may have thought he overstepped with his amnesty for all illegals but wait until you see him pardon everybody in jail in America and all of those at Gitmo...... because he can.

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