Monday, December 1, 2014


Interesting read from Fred.
Ethnic mixing doesn’t work, gang. Not Moslems and Parisians, Irish Catholics and Protestants, Shias and Sunnis, Indonesians and Chinese, nor even New Yorkers and Alabamans. We think it should work, insist that it will, punish those who observe that it doesn’t. Yet still it doesn’t work. The greater the difference between groups, the less well it works. If we realized this, and let people do as they choose, the country would be much better off.
He left out one particular mixture.

When I go out in society I am surrounded by people who could be reliably described as democrats and liberals and progressives. I dare not open my mouth about my monarchist views or they will throw me to the kitchen floor and stab me to death.

That's no way to treat a sovereign.


(not necessarily your) Uncle Skip said...

I had a history prof, who'd fought in the Spanish Civil War.
He claimed he was in favor of Benevolent Monarchy and said if he believed in God, he'd be a Catholic.

HMS Defiant said...

The only likable thing about that war was the 'pirate' submarines. The rest was as brutal as our own Civil War.
We were not amused.