Thursday, December 18, 2014


This picture hung on my father's various office walls years throughout his years in the Army and even after he retired from the Army. It is undoubtedly still lurking somewhere in his basement. I didn't realize what it was because it was forever unlabeled but I ran across this item today and learned why the picture was there for so long. He was the Battery Commander.
Dak To, South Vietnam. An infantry patrol moves up to assault the last Viet Cong position after an attempted overrun of the artillery position by the Viet Cong during OPERATION HAWTHORNE.


Ex Bootneck said...

One can only imagine what film evidence we would have today if the Vietnam era had been part of the digital age. Untold deeds of bravery captured by GoPro, though I am not knocking the photo journalists or film crews of the time that stuck their necks out to capture some incredible footage.

You must be very proud of your father…

Yours Aye.

HMS Defiant said...

Very proud. I read @ the battle in Hackworth's book About Face bit never connected the picture with the battle.