Wednesday, December 31, 2014


My daughter and I go to my parents house for Christmas and we usually attend my mother's church on Christmas Eve. This year we were treated to 9 Lessons and Carols. I took away just one lesson but I learned it very well. I will always check the guide to the service in future and if it even hints at 9 lessons and carols, we're not going. What a filthy trick to pull on the unsuspecting. It was a mistake to go and to stay.


Ex Bootneck said...

Your daughter will forgive, though I doubt she will forget ;-)

I once attended a Christmas Roman Catholic mass as a youngster, which was my first and last! Two hours of stand up's - sit down's, and kneeling on a wooden board throughout the service - whilst being preached upon, was one mass to many. In the same vein, I once (almost) attended a two hour Roman Catholic wedding, which again was my first and last. At least this time I had the sense to eject myself after 30 minutes… Fortunately the Dog and Duck pub was directly across the road from St Mary's church. Some things are meant to be.

Yours aye.

HMS Defiant said...

Everything about it was hideous. The church I raised my daughter in was joyful. We joined for the music and stayed for the sermons. Yeah, we shopped for God but we found a bunch of people who raised their voices to God and were happy.
My mother's Church used to celebrate the arrival of the baby Jesus with a children's show of the arrival. It was a time to sing and enjoy, Holy Night. The 9 lessons and the dismal carols were an ice bath of disdain and hate.

Sadly, even though this all took place on Military Road, there was no pub anywhere, far less across the road.