Thursday, May 23, 2024


 I heard something about this yesterday and it was top of the page at the NYT at 0300 this morning as I checked out the Spelling Bee. This is what turned up in my initial baseline search:

Where do they get off calling any of the battle flags of the Revolutionaries that founded this great country, far right? That's not the normal appellation for revolutionaries overthrowing a tyrannical monarchy but so be it.

Good for Justice Alito. I think they should hold a competitive flag flying contest at their houses and see who can come up with the best flags between now and Election Day.

Oh and yeah, google turned commie colored again but God only knows why, or cares.


Anonymous said...

No, you've got it wrong.
To their side, THIS IS EXISTENTIAL!!!
It isn't, but you have to remember, these people were the kids who threw a screaming, thrashing about on the ground hissy fit in the middle of the cereal aisle at 6 years old because Mom said we weren't buying the Lucky Charms.
... And rather than take that kid out into the parkinglot where they got their asses whooped red, Mom bought the whiney little bitch the box of cereal.
... They gave them participation trophies when they lost the sports competitions, too.
... Since they were born, they've been told they are special little snowflakes, completely unique and infinitely wonderful.
.... They have never know failure, in their entire lives. The idea of temporarily NOT being in power politically is an existential threat to their world view.
Paradigm. It's all about paradigm.

Riddle said...

That flag was Gen. Washington's personal flag, if you saw it flying you were at his headquarters.

Duke of URL VFM#391 said...

Does One Line Fix Google?
Forget AI. Google just created a version of its search engine free of all the extra junk it has added over the past decade-plus.
All you have to do is add "udm=14" to the search URL.

Mind your own business said...

I was so disgusted when I heard the Media making a "thing" about the 'An Appeal To Heaven' flag in another attempt to slander and smear a SCOTUS justice whom they dislike, that I went online and found a place that sold them and ordered myself one.

I don't know if it is their historical ignorance, their dishonesty, or their lack of ethics, but I just know that we don't hate or distrust the Media enough.

If our political disagreements ever go kinetic in this country, all I can say is that seeing media credentials or "PRESS" printed on someone's flak jacket is just helping identify legitimate targets, as far as I'm concerned. When it's all settled down again, they can put up a memorial for the media, and I hope it has a lot of names on it.

HMS Defiant said...

I think a major part of the problem that the media today have with historic reality is that they invariably go to google and wiki for their 'facts' and both google and wiki are thoroughly corrupt now and useless for their intended purpose and both for the same reason. They both deliberately and with malice turned themselves into pure political enemies of the Age of Reason.