Monday, May 20, 2024


 Islamic Republic of Iran President and Foreign Minister both dead in helicopter crash after flying for some unexplained reason over some desolate territory in the middle of nowhere from one pointless place to another pointless place in a 45 year old helicopter dating back almost to the Vietnam War. As the Sailing Coach at the Naval Academy back after the end of the War in Vietnam used to say of the boat in distant last place, "your position has been established" and it meant they could safely head back to the raft to swap boats for the next race. Raisi's next race will be in Hell.

At some point someone somewhere is going to ask what was the President of Iran doing with the Foreign Minister.

I was looking to confirm the news with a legitimate news service but all I could find were these old liars and has-beens. Thanks google et al. I mean, you realize at this point I would believe Fars before I would believe anything from the news services listed below.


Michael said...

CIA Color Revolution attempt in 3,2,1

He was a troublesome soul but not the worse there was in that system. He could be reasoned with, making him for a member of the religion of peace, Islam a "moderate".

What is that saying, "Better the devil you know"?

Steve said...

Did he really go down in a "crash"? Not too sure. I'll wait a bit before I believe this one.

Dave said...

The Iranians have bad pilots, bad maintenance and don't really care about flying safety or basic flying rules. Flying with the mountains obscured is an easy way to crash, especially if you aren't a really good pilot.

If you remember, the Iranians shot down Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 after identifying that B738 as an American cruise missile. Years ago, one of their top fighter pilots flew into an Iranian Air flight that was in the traffic pattern at Tehran International. In the mid-90s, Iran Air's B742 slid off the runway landing in Europe. There wasn't a crosswind or slippery runway, or equipment failure. The captain just didn't stay on centerline.

There was no need to have anyone shoot these guys down. They are their own worst enemies.

Michael said...

LOL, amusing Dave. Seems recent events are lost on you.

HMS Defiant said...

Losing him will deal a blow to the State Department wankers who think they were 'negotiating' with a 'reasonable' man in Iran. Serious Presidents are usually not flown around in Inshallah maintained 45 year old enemy helicopters.
WRT flying and maintenance though I will say that I never thought the IRAF would be able to continue to fly F14, C0130 and P3 aircraft for so many decades. One of the last salvage missions I launched was to recover an F14 on a maintenance check flight in the Gulf. One a year before that was for a P3 aircraft that crashed in Omani waters after a propeller blade walked and slashed the aircraft open mid-flight. Last time I saw it was in Fujairah where they used it as a firefighter training hulk at the airport.

Dave said...

Michael, have you ever been to Iran? Have you worked with Iranians? Defiant is correct in how their maintenance is performed and it is not with replacement parts and wrenches.

They don't need any help crashing.

Michael said...

LOL, I bet You've Been to Iran to assist in their aircraft Maintenace lately?

Dates please, helo expert.

Recent current events in several countries that oppose the American Clown World are getting coups, assassinations and "helicopter troubles".

SNIP Assassination is the willful killing, by a sudden, secret, or planned attack, of a person—especially if prominent or important. It may be prompted by grievances, notoriety, financial, military, political or other motives

Odd for all those to happen within less than a week don't ya think?

HMS Defiant said...

Well it goes without saying, if we had anything like a competent CIA they'd have offed Khameini too and no I don't think we did this one and no I don't want an all out revolution in Iran because right now the hardline mullahs rule with an iron fist because they 100% own, operate and control the military, the police, the courts, basiji and every other aspect of Iranian life. There is no hope of victory and all the Iranians you like will be rounded up and killed. Oddly enough, the mullahs worked out how to keep people in line and do it very well indeed. I suspect that they have worked backwards to just exactly how the caliphates ruled prosperous societies for almost a thousand years.

Michael said...

Exactly HMS, celebrating an idiot's "plan" to destabilize a MAJOR Terrorist supporting Nation is so "Brilliant".

No, it wasn't an accident, nor was the pipeline feeding Germanys industry destroyed by Russian incompetence in Maintenace. Epstein didn't kill himself either. I NOTICE the Epstein Flight Records are "STILL Unavailable".

Destabilizing Iran is almost as bright as Queers for Islam protestors. Like they have NO CLUE just how "harshly" the religion of peace treats sexual deviants.

But then again some of them *Still* think Putin is literally "Hitler", too weak to "defeat us, yet a MASSIVE THREAT to Our Democracy or something.

Cognitive dissidence doesn't happen when you are public school indoctrinated and conditioned by CNN.

Interesting times indeed. Protect your trusted family and trusted friends.

Dave said...

"The simplest explanation is usually the right one." Occam

Michael wants this to be some sort of spy vs spy or sneaky shoot down. He forgets the six Marines who crashed in the Southern California mountains flying their CH53 helicopter while trying to return to MCAS Miramar in bad weather this February. A highly trained crew in a well maintained helicopter crashed trying to sneak through mountain obscuration.

No one needs to help the Iranians crash in bad weather. They have an amazing ability to do that all by themselves.

Anonymous said...

Dave said: No one needs to help the Iranians crash in bad weather. They have an amazing ability to do that all by themselves.

Kobe Bryant would agree.

Michael said...

Dave it doesn't matter if "the Royal WE" think it was an accident.

It's how the rest of the world takes it.

“There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen.” ― Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

Buy more popcorn.

HMS Defiant said...

It always strikes me as very funny indeed when the boobs running our intel, military and State Department talk about destabilizing anything by capping its leader. I think the only time 5hat worked in the last 1000 years was when the Germans put Lenin on a train to Saint Petersburg and I’ll bet they’re really kicking themselves very hard for that bit of ‘destabilizing’ an enemy they already had in the bag.
Nobody cripples any idealist organization by killing its leaders and the same with Drug cartels, terrorists, malevolent States or even the driver of Mordor. It’s a myth.