Sunday, May 26, 2024


 Like several other people, I took this silly quiz that was going to reveal my inner slant on things political, economic, etc. Without further ado, here are the results from the test that I took after posting yesterday's blog last night and I just want to say that there is something either very very wrong with the test or I'm not quite the monster some people long suspected I am. I'm appalled.


boron said...

There is definitely something wrong with the test

Borepatch said...

How on earth is Benito Mussolini in the upper right? He was admired by *Lenin* of all people!

And Joe Biden more conservative than Donald Trump?

This test is GIGO.

Barbarus said...

I got a strange result too.

There is an interview on the same site with Professor of Philosophy at Yale University Jason Stanley about "how fascism works" (from June 2020). His views seemed slightly weird and distorted to me, but he was thanked for his "insights" by the Political Compass interviewer. So, possibly the definitions used in the test are not the same as those used by typical readers of this site.

Or, perhaps, it is simply out of date and is - correctly by the standards of a few years ago - reporting as 'normal middle-of-the-road' the views that are now held to be extreme.

HMS Defiant said...

I think of myself as middle of the road if only in the company of the founders of the United States and comfortably very very very far away from what passes for 'middle of the road' today. It struck me as odd at being smack dab in the center of the grid reflecting politics, economics and social theory.