Monday, March 4, 2024


The Supreme Court has unanimously declared Colorado is stuffed with corrupt, stupid and inept imbeciles and has also tossed out their ridiculous democracy-saving idiocy of disqualifying a man running for office because....butt hurt. What this means for us in the saner parts of America is that just as they do with their moronic and endless butt hurting about guns, the democrat morons are going to continue and redouble their efforts to disqualify Trump from the ballot in every other democrat controlled state because.... yeah, butt hurt. 

It's like the stupid never ever ends with these morons. It's so disheartening and yet it is a pure and honest reflection of the level of fail that our public education has instituted across this nation for the last 50 years that so many people can be so ignorant of the Constitution and Civics and never suffer so much as a hint of shame or public embarrassment for being so damned stupid.

Every single moron sitting as the RULERS OF COLORADO LAW were just told that they are quite possibly too stupid to breath without assistance. Will they resign in shame? Hang their heads down? No, they'll just moan about how unfair it is. Yes, some of the idiots voted against it but it speaks volumes that they could fail to articulate the law to the other Colorado Supreme morons who supposedly had more than a passing familiarity with the Law. That level of inarticulate arrgle barrgle is enough to disqualify them too.

I look for California and Illinois and the rest to press on with their efforts to shed Trump from their ballots in the same name of saving democracy.


Anonymous said...

State by state they will take Trump of the ballot and make him and us spend precious time and treasure to right the wrong. Since there was no penalty for the Colorado court, other states will certainly try again.

Dan said...

While many, perhaps most leftists are stupid the ones in control, the ones in power, the one making the decisions are not stupid. They are evil. Never make the mistake of thinking they are stupid. They are not.