Friday, March 15, 2024


 What if every public school was forced at gunpoint to comply with the law that permits every teacher and every student to vote to expel one student every month? Those expelled could not attend any normal school and would have to go to jail school for at least one school year before being allowed to return to a real school.

Teacher votes would each equal ten student votes. There would be no other weighting. The student with the most votes every month would be drop-kicked right out of the school district and might as well start reporting to a parole officer.

I found that 10% of the people that work for you really are 90% of the problem and things go much more smoothly when you either get rid of that 10% or keep it under complete control. I think every place would work better if they simply pruned that 10%/.


Michael said...

I suspect that social media will get the least popular kids tossed out.

Not the "Cool" Thugs you're aiming for, friend.

As that meme goes it's not impeaching Biden we need, it's eliminating the SYSTEM that created him.

Simple laws well enforced, no race cards, no liberal he had a bad childhood pleas.

Dan said...

Culling the herd is an old and well accepted practice...the problem here of course would be who sizes the authority to decide who,gets culled. More often than not those deciding on who gets culled are very often the ones who most need culling from the herd.

HMS Defiant said...

Well as Stalin said, the trick lies in who counts the ballots.

Mind your own business said...

How about we just do away with "public schools?"

HMS Defiant said...

We should have done that decades ago when the Courts decided to screw everyone alike and took a system well beyond the point of destruction.