Wednesday, March 13, 2024


 Instead of being made to look like world class jackasses in Gaza wouldn’t it be easier to dump all the supplies we mean to give to the terrorists into the sea off the coast and let the terrorists wrangle it ashore?    That would give the evil fucks something useful to do before they all get slaughtered. Alternatively, simply dump the goodies just inside the gate to the land of overt terrorism and tell them to distribute it. Problem solver, that’s what I am.

I used to be part of the security forces for Joint Logistics Over the Shore and I cannot imagine how horrible this is going to be. On the other hand just watching the USFK staff go berserk trying to dodge responsibility for any and all aspects of FREEDOM BANNER every year where we did JLOTS was endlessly amusing to the rest of us that were not actually members of any Korea based headquarters staff.

Watching CINCPAC goon it up in furtherance of whatever the goal of the week was during COBRA GOLD was also good fun. Telling that jackass in Songkla that given the revised parameters of the exercise we were all planning on returning to San Diego and advising our bosses to decline the opportunity to participate in the exercise was really the best fun I’ve had at a meeting of the minds. He h kept thinking we could put up an elevated causeway using under 20 people and without bringing Amphibious CB ONE and their gear. “ Have you considered leasing all those vehicles and equipment  here or contracting with the Thais to do all that?” 

Us repeatedly telling him that this is not the point was wasted. Oddly enough, all the stolen sealift was restored and we did the exercise much like we did it in Korea but without all the damned still blows my mind that they simply got rid of the amphibious CB in the east coast. What in the world do they do with all the money they get for a navy every year?


Michael said...

No grift involved?

HMS Defiant said...

Oh there is always grift. In Cobra Gold the planning staff just wanted to steal all the sealift allocated for Freedom Banner and use it to bring more Army junk over. In Korea there was endless graft and corruption trying to find some farmer in some prefect that would allow us to pump 180,000 gallons of fresh water into his fields using the Offshore Petroleum Distribution rig we would have set up to transfer a fluid over the beach from a tanker off the coast. It was all very ridiculous but you probably wouldn't see it as a member of the 8th Army and USFK staffs who were always new every year and hadn't done it again and again for the last 8 to 10 years and seen the exact same thing play out over and over.

Anonymous said...

Rumor has it that McArthur told the USFK staff when Truman called him home “Don’t change anything until I get back”…and they haven’t
Idaho Bob

Dan said...

Why give ANY supplies to these raghead savages. The Palisimians want all of us dead and openly celebrate when their terrorist soldiers succeed in an attack. I say let them ALL starve. There is NO redeeming value to any of them.

KurtP said...

Because FJB needs the votes from Dearbornistan and Minneapolistan.

Not to mention that you almost have to be a racist antisemite to be a Democrat.