Saturday, March 23, 2024


I don't really know if I hope that the people that just attacked a Moscow theater did a thorough job of cleaning their fingerprints off the operation designed to goad President Putin to lash out very strongly at whoever he thinks/believes is responsible. Sadly, in this fallen age, I think even the palestinians could leave a convincing enough evidence trail leading back to Langley that a child could follow it there. I don't doubt for a second that if Putin does find out who is ultimately responsible for this it will be followed by a tidal wave of unstoppable missiles.  

Right now I know of 3 men (nuclear power world leaders) who could push the nuclear button without a qualm or flicker of humanity. It used to be for generations that we only had the one madman and people left that madman alone or paid whatever was necessary to keep him in the game.


Dan said...

The problem is we can NEVER know for certain who is behind this. There's no shortage of possible culprits and no lack of motivations for such an act. Odds are good the CIA at least KNEW about it before hand and quite possibly were involved. The trick is proving anything. Evidence these days is so easily created you really can't even be sure of what you have seen with your own eyes.

HMS Defiant said...

Even worse is knowing that google is tweaking its algorithms to hide the real facts and bury the slipshod inquiring minds to getting the total fake nonsense and then they know they’re right because they “googled it!”