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 The latest broadside from the Navy and Department of Defense reflects the infected mind that dominates Washington, DC and the political elites running the country. It is summed up by two different documents that recently flew over the transom. They lay out in no uncertain terms the 'self-licking ice-cream cone' that is so thinly disguised as Defense planning by the people that are lining us up for the next unwinnable war and let's be honest, these guys are masters at losing unwinnable wars. Their record since the Korean War speaks for itself. It has been an endless stream of pointless and stupid wars that we failed to win. The last one was a first class debacle on par with Napoleon's invasion of Russia.

Let's take a quick look at the Defense Department's proposal for the next 25 years of building USN capabilities and then look at what the Commander-in-Chief Pacific has to say about the near future and current events. It's eye opening.

Here is the Report to Congress on the Long Range Plan for Naval Construction and here is the takeaway I mean to give for this work of complete fiction.

    "Lastly, the DoN recognizes the significant strategic opportunity presented by the
Australia, United Kingdom, and United States (AUKUS) trilateral security pact. AUKUS
will advance peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific region and strengthen deterrence by
enhancing all three nations’ technical capabilities, expanding allied fleet capacity, and
deepening cooperation. "

You can see that the intent of our expansion of fleet capabilities will lead to all good things and deterrence too! Now let us have a look at what CINCPAC lays out in his testimony to Congress on the doings of the Pacific Area under his benevolent command:

You probably noticed how America building up all of its expeditionary warfare capabilities and lodging them just as close as we can to China constitutes peace and good will but China exercising the same sort of defense buildup is a Peril to World Peace!!!!!

I think there are some hidden adults pulling a few strings out of sight from you and me and mostly from the them because the morons running things openly have to be seeing that they don't begin to have anywhere near the capabilities to fight a war against China or Russia without losing outright in a matter of weeks and they have to know that the Norks will launch nuclear attacks at the first sign of US crossing the Demilitarized Zone. As badly made and directed as you might think their ballistic missiles are, they won't have any trouble hitting the Greater Seoul Metropolitan Area and Japan is almost impossible to miss.

Speaking of them both, these are another two countries that the ignoratti insist on calling our "allies". Let's be very clear here. They and Israel count on us but they are no more an ally of America than NATO or the EU is our ally. Should we get stuck into a fight anywhere else on the planet they will be conspicuous by their total and complete absence.

The time for working out the little details like for instance, just what are the conditions under which we declare that we won and proclaim our victory over Russia or China or both of them? Be specific. Use plenty of words to describe the conditions in full so everyone can see just what it is you are setting out to do by jumping into a war with either country and how you mean to extract us from it after losing 40,000 to 100,000 people and battle groups and most of our Air Force. Enquiring minds want to know.

Let's not have another Milley laying it out before Congress saying absolutely nobody is/was to blame for the fiasco of our withdrawal from Afghanistan or the tragedy that was Iraq. In a much larger war, our war aims were stated upfront and in no uncertain terms and what's more our generals, our allies and even our enemies knew what they were and we saw them through to the end. Let's not putter about muttering 'regime change'. under our breath even as we're getting our asses kicked by hyper-sonic missiles and an endless stream of ship-killers launched out of China.

Our secret masters who are somehow refusing even now to open the spigot and fund a massive weapons procurement and military buildup have decided that there is nobody left in the Pentagon or in the hinterlands that can be trusted with such a thing. That's really sad when you think about it and when you realize they saw the writing on the wall right around the time they saw the political animal, General Wesley Clark try to start World War III in Yugoslavia and Vern Clarke strip mine the Navy of ships and talent. I hope our "allies" are giving it a lot of thought because despite the news and rhetoric coming out of our dismal media and think tanks, the situation on the ground, in the air and at sea is bleak and growing bleaker every day. 

We may be the last people in America who know that we never formally ended the war with China in 1952 and that is why we still keep US forces in Korea and Japan to this day. We could not win a war with China then and we cannot win a war with China today. 

Endnote. When you read the bits I pasted in from CINCPAC note that the People's Liberation Army and China started to increase the size and complexity and the sheer numbers of their forces as they watched the United States collapse internally by the twisted machinations of those we call the neocons. They saw an out of control America that did not hesitate to throw its armed forces into action against literally every country in the world. Maybe next we'll look at the countless and endless cruise missile attacks and all the rest of them that we know about and we'll wonder forever who killed Kennedy and just who blew up the Russian-European gas pipelines in the Baltic.

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China? Pffft... Ned Almond suggested we should not be pushed around by a few Chinese Laundrymen.

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