Saturday, March 2, 2024


 Thursday night is Biden delivering the State of the Union Address. I once would have presumed that it is broadcast but nowadays it may be something I have to pay a subscription fee to watch in which case it will go unwatched by me. It will be interesting to see:

1. Biden actually talk for 6 minutes without flubbing it dramatically and declaring war on the USSR.

2. Biden flail around for more than one or two minutes trying to say "it" just exactly right, like Bill did.

3. What the most imaginative reason offered is for Biden's no-show and non-appearance at the SoTU.

4. How many times the reason is officially changed by the White House's Speaker to Morons.

 There!!!! Light and fluffy like I wanted it to be.

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Dan said...

Even money the DNC has one of his stunt doubles make the speech....