Thursday, May 18, 2023


 We see increasing numbers of big box stores, grocery stores and pharmacies shutting down in urban areas because the shoplifting and assaults are far out of control. I see people keep attributing this to the secondary factors that cause people to turn to crime and “no bail required”, or the serious pandering by urban district attorneys who refuse to apply the law or to the skin color of the criminals. No, it’s way more fundamental then that and we see it everyday and have been seeing it for 5 generations and surprisingly, no, I don’t think it’s the absence of male adults in the house. It really boils down to one single cardinal all-embracing nation-wide failure.

They cannot read or write or perform even the most basic arithmetic and they now speak a language almost unintelligible to people like me. There are zero jobs that they can do and deep down they know that. They know they wasted their formative years in classes where they were taught little and learned less.

What they are is dangerous and feral. They don’t have the faintest veneer of civilization and react violently and with massive entitlement when crossed. I wouldn’t hire any of them to carry out any task and it’s hopeless to think that their conditioning can be overcome with remedial training. It’s not going to happen.

So what are they going to do? In many ways we are back to the situation the French  found themselves in back in Haiti.

It was full roundhouse genocidal war. Oddly enough, they never really mentioned that part or the aftermath or the tragedy  carried out by the French and American bankers and governments. Haiti is the model for black culture in America. They could not have selected a worse one.


Anonymous said...

You may be on to something. For the last eight years or so, since I retired, I have been substitute teaching on the high school level in an exurban setting. The social-economic condition of the students runs the scale from prosperous to rural poor.
There is a considerable percentage of students who are not motivated or interested in learning. Their future in an increasingly complex and technological work environment is bleak.
In an urban setting the percentage of these students is much higher ranging into the majority.
Where will these people find gainful employment? Two thirds or more of today's youth cannot qualify for the military due to obesity, drug use, etc. With a desire for instant gratification as opposed to future deferring of satisfaction, this cannot end well.

boron said...

It's not "the absence of male adults in the house." It's the lack of a father; an adult male who recognizes the rug rats and. should he work 23/7, spends the one hour a day with them teaching them self-dependent survival in today's world and the worship of a loving G-d.

Dan said...

Diversity + Proximity = Violence. Always, without fail.