Sunday, May 28, 2023


I see that State Farm Insurance is no longer going to sell insurance policies to Californians for their homes and other property siting the enormous holes made in their profits by the State of California's other massive failure to simply do its job.

Back in 2003 and 2004 I lived in Del Mar Heights area of San Diego and watched wildfires tear across neighborhoods stuffed with multi-million dollar homes that I never would have thought the fire departments would allow to burn and yet they had no choice but to watch from afar as the winds swept the fires over 12 lanes of I-15 and Route 163 and let them lap around Miramar Marine Corps Air Station. It was amazing. It was also profoundly telling.

One of the features of the State government bureaucrats that so endears them to the landed class in California is their insistence on forbidding the clearing of any and all dead vegetation in and around homes which simply adds to the fuel feeding the fires that first take route on State and Federal lands before then torching everything in entire neighborhoods. 

I can see why the insurance companies would reject future investment there since they can safely predict the range and damage one can expect from historic weather patterns but they really cannot control State bureaucrats and an enormous influx of illegals, many of them terrorists; all of them knowing how to set fire to the wilderness and watch it burn out of control the second the Santa Ana winds starts to blow off the desert.

The powers that be do their very best to conceal what ignited too many of the wildfires that burned wildly out of control but there isn't much doubt who started them and no it wasn't all PG$E or SDG$E although they started many as the companies operating as State functionaries allowed their infrastructure to erode away as the State of California moved to forbid them any attempt to implement needed maintenance measures and stole their money hand over fist even worse than those thieves at Enron and the scum running the allegedly Independent System Operator that controls the flow of electricity in California. 

Old AF Sarge has a story about the last 100 Days of the Emperor and it's worth reading if only to reflect that the Bourbon Dynasty that ruined France, ruined the nobility, ruined the Church and ruined the people never learned a single thing from all that ruination and as a result the Old Guard and too many of the old officers happily forswore their allegiance to the Crown and went over to Napoleon when he returned from his first exile in Elba. That is pretty much what happened and continues to happen in California. The coastal elites run the State as their personal Fief and own and operate the government, the bureaucracy, the schools, the cities, the police, the unions and they literally don't care about anybody else. They don't even care that the City on the Hill has collapsed in on itself because it is not apparent to them since they don't see it.

Perhaps when they find themselves in the tumbrels on their way to be pitched into the La Brea tarpits they will start to wonder what all the fuss is about but by then they'll be the latest native English speakers in the State.

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