Tuesday, May 9, 2023


 As we came home tonight from Gordon Square and the Capital Theater I learned that the the Cleveland Police Department's most recent class at the Police Academy has just 9 recruits. Some might find this alarming and cause for great concern. I would tend to agree. Metroparkcentralis basically envelops the city of Cleveland and there are still many magical things remaining in the old city and 6th most dangerous city in America. You can see the problem and it is evidently and unsurprisingly a very common little problem. Nobody wants to join the Police and find themselves on endless shifts driving around dealing with the scum of the earth from 12 to 16 hours a day, day after day. The pay sucks, the personal liability is endless and doesn't end with death and every budding little ignoramus councilperson Sherlock Holmes will find fault with whatever one does in one's capacity as a police officer.

You know it sounds a bit like joining the Navy in these days. Why would any sane person join a fleet filled with utterly worthless fake warships and one where the majority of real warships have been used to death and are in extended overhauls or so desperate for real maintenance that they cannot actually get underway or perform in their primary mission areas.

The letters we used to apply to such things were FMC, PMC and finally non-mission capable. The fully mission capable ships were supposedly the ones on deployment and usually part of battle group or an amphibious group. The partially mission capable were the ones undergoing various types of maintenance between deployments and were either being tended to by the ship's company, Shore Intermediate Maintenance Activity or in Selected Availabilities ranging from a quick dry docking for something like replacing the sonar rubber dome. I don't think SIMA is really doing much these days and what they do appears to the GAO to be too little, too late. The real long pole that kept things running smoothly in places like the Persian Gulf were the Destroyer Tenders. They are all gone and were not replaced. 

The expert hands of Petty Officers skilled in the maintenance and repair of complex systems and components in various warships used to have good shore billets to report to when serving at sea on warships and those used to be SIMAs in every fleet concentration port in the United States and the various Tenders around the world which spent the vast bulk of their time inport and were basically potentially mobile repair shops. All of that went away and the admirals decided to save money by investing in a number of radical new warships that cannot actually be made to fight under just about any threat. They designed the Littoral Combat Ships whose characteristics and service are so dismal that they are being retired after less than 6 years after construction. They also include the Zumwalt class Destroyers which are getting a little long in the tooth for maidens who have never deployed because they, like the new fake CVN, cannot quite work any of the kinks out even after a decade of, "working on it."

The Police in this part of the world need to be supported by the base population or the cities will all fall into the same darkness that claims most of the large Democratic run hellholes and includes now the formerly grand cities of Portland, Seattle and San Francisco. Unlike the vast majority of democrat dominated hellholes, those three cities were not blighted by a racial minority hellbent of urban unrest, civil disorder and out and out zero impulse control. Nope, those cities were blighted by the threat that we fought throughout the Cold War for the obvious very good reason. Socialists/Communists are raveners who destroy everything good.

The raveners are winning now so it will take a sea-change to affect things going into the future.

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boron said...

Sir Edward Grey's quote is most applicable - with only one slight change - location.
We barely, just barely, have time to reverse the process (the Socialist-Progressive take-over of our country, our republic); all we need now is the gumption and more hemp.