Wednesday, May 24, 2023


 I read the news about this vaccine when it first came out and thought it sounded wonderful. I have never asked if it was implemented but may ask in a month or two. I picked up on what it was for just from reading the news that such a vaccine had been developed and wasn't worried back then that the entire medical establishment was prepared to lie about just about anything and everything. After all, I had family who were medical doctors and I trusted them.

Nowadays its a trust that is largely dead and buried. The entire medical community lied through their teeth about masking, social distancing, the ineffectiveness of drugs to treat the Covid symptoms and just about everything related to the bat flu from China. I don't trust any of them about anything anymore.

Pretty sad. Once the trust is gone, it rarely, if ever, comes back.


FeralFerret said...

That is why they do all that they can to discourage people, especially school age children, from learning how to think and reason. Anyone who can think for themselves can see right through their crap. That makes them hard to control.

Anonymous said...

I have a heart condition, not a normal one, something very rare. The cardio put me on Lipitor, but I had trouble recovering after exercise, so my PCP put me on two different stations, to find one that didn't bother me as much. Every other doctor I see bugs me about "why aren't you on Lipitor", I've started saying "man, the kickback on that stuff must really be something".

Anonymous said...

I’m not sanguine that we’ve educated the last two generations. I was reading elsewhere today about how graduate students in mech engineering had to be ‘taught’ how and where to do research in literature about engineering. That’s pretty sad considering those are some of our smartest people. I wonder what it’s like in law offices when the new guys show up armed with nothing but dogma and attitude.

Anonymous said...

I concur and the way they’ve gutted all meaning from things such as the lancet and journal of medicine I suspect new doctors in corporate practice are thoroughly discouraged at looking beyond th immediate and passing on any kind of meaningful patient history. I’d like to follow a few doctors quietly for a few days and see how the practice of medicine has devolved since my grandfather was a doc who made house calls and happily accepted payment in the form of live chickens which my sister and I would toss in the trunk of his car whenever we made rounds with him.