Friday, May 26, 2023


 I used to enjoy Fox news. Back when I was still Ops it used to be on in the morning in my office as they covered the news and then off until I got home and would watch Bill O'Reilly and Megan Kelly tear into the news of the day way back then 19 and 20 years ago. Haven't watched it since then and as I come across various "news" they post online and get referred to I see stupid, ignorant, uninformed  crap like this pretty much all the time:

The Russian military has resorted to dropping massive Soviet-era bombs in an effort to circumvent Ukrainian air defenses that have proven more than a match for long range missiles and drones.

Ukrainian investigators have increasingly found instances of Russia dropping older bombs, some around 1,100 pounds. The low-tech explosives easily circumvent modern air defenses like the U.S.-made Patriot missile systems that are designed to counter long-range missiles and drones.

Russia's bombs, resurrected from Cold War-era ordnance stashes, have two major advantages over missiles in that they have no propulsion system for air defenses to track, and they remain airborne for barely a minute.

"This is the evolution of the air war," Ukrainian Air Force Lt. Colonel Denys Smazhnyi told the New York Times.  "They first tried cruise missiles, and we shot them down. Then they tried drones, and we shot those down. They are constantly looking for a solution to strike us, and we are looking for one to intercept them."

Missiles are designed to get through enemy air defenses that bombers cannot pass through. The idea that a big slow bomber is a more difficult target to hit than a cruise missile or even a very fast missile is beyond stupid. It shows an astonishing failure to grasp elementary physics and inability to think.


Anonymous said...

And bombers/bombs provide a lot more bang for the buck (once you can get bombers through, why would you use missles?)

Anonymous said...

The reason you don't use bombers is that they are 10x slower than guided missles. They can also easily be tracked by even civil aviation radar installations (airports.) On counter to that is to use a civilian setting on your transponder, and follow a civilian air route. For additional protection, repaint your bombers in USAF colours, since most of them are close copies of American aircraft.

jeff d said...

Fox was quoting Ney York Times.
pretty sure anything that can destroy a missile can destroy an aircraft. these are glide bombs like US jdams. In the article, NYT points out that US jdams are being misdirected by Russian counter measures. US jdams not working but Russian versions are working? The Russian glide bombs are being used against front line areas. probably being launched from maximum range inside Russian lines to protect planes from Ukraine anti aircraft weapons. As for shooting the glide bombs out of the sky, c-ram / phalanx works.
Not sure how much of what is happening in the Ukraine was lost in translation or editing. Concur with you, the articles make no sense.

Anonymous said...

I really don't understand how every single provider of what this nation accepts as its source of real/accurate news is in a race for the bottom and passing off the most idiotic and stupid things as "real news". I just watched a few minutes of a PBS documentary about the fall of Rome and they kept assigning blame for the disasters which gutted Rome on the God Apollo. It wasn't enough to suggest that the Army brought plague home with it after defeating the Parthians, oh no, it had to drag in some mystic nonsense and make believe facts that simply defy belief.

Anonymous said...

Used to drive the OSC nuts when he'd come into CIC and find that the radar operators were looking at ONLY IFF for their air tracks and weren't even displaying radar paints of things actually flying around with their transponders off or simply, as you said, faking the data.