Wednesday, May 31, 2023


 I started writing about the employment of those friendly little toy drones as assassination tools about 13 years ago. it's not that I'm prescient, it's just that anything can be turned into a weapon and what better than a nice harmless looking little drone armed with perhaps nothing more then a detonator cap that gets flown into the VIP speaker at some event such as a college commencement speech. 

Look for them to become the favorite weapon of the democrats and their fascist little henchmen in antifa. They and their blm allies already get away with murder so how much more difficult will it prove to find and convict the anonymous drone pilots who killed Bill Gates or some other rockstar of the new world order.

I will be interested to see how the Left tries to render us harmless from drones by banning their sale or use. That's their favorite tactic for arming the thugs and ne'er-do-wells so favored by the fascists who make up the armed wing of the Democratic Party.

The USN was a little concerned about 20 years ago by the prospect of mob or flock attacks by dozens of small suicide boats in narrow waters like the Strait of Hormuz and then they started fearing the drone cluster attacks because how can anyone shoot them down if they come at you by the dozen. By the same token, public venues with speakers of note can and will be attacked by dozens of drones and there is really nothing at all right now to stop it.

I remember reading about one in The Moon Goddess and the Son but the first one was Black Sunday a decade earlier and featured a suicide pilot.

It might be a good idea not to crowd the famous VIP speaker at any future events. Fanatics are notoriously indifferent to collateral damage.


Anonymous said...

Need giant automatic shotguns for drone swarms.

Yes, it would be fairly simple to use a drone or other RC aircraft for such purposes. An RC car or truck could also be used in some situations.

Roy said...

"Black Sunday" was a good book and a good movie, but it had nothing to do with drones, unless you consider the Goodyear blimp a drone.
Palestinian terrorists hijack the Goodyear blimp and outfit it with high explosives and dart style projectiles to try and kill as many people as possible by exploding it above the Superbowl.

Dan said...

DARPA and the military just tested a weapon capable of knocking swarms of drones out of the air. Accounts are it was successful. If you are a public speaker the criminals in power approve of they will use this technology to protect you. If you are not liked then you're on you own.

HMS Defiant said...

Yep, we keep hearing that they have 'situation well in hand' but then the next attack pops up and turns out there was really no defense at all. Srsly, look at the schools trying to deal with cell phones in student hands. Rather than just put up a blanket cell jammer they go postal on students and staff over taking away individual phones. POTUS may have something for overhead defense but what I saw looked an awful lot like a mini-cram and I don't even want to think about frangible ammo falling all around the beltway.

SCOTTtheBADGER said...

I wonder why the Press has not figured out that ANTIFA is the Democrats sturm abteilungen?