Sunday, May 14, 2023


 Interesting Insight by Michael Barone here but he missed the other half of the reason below.

In addition to really disliking the murdering, raping, mugging, carjacking, succker punches delivered from behind and the rest of the standard black violent fair one gets in ghetto neighborhoods we also aren't inclined to live among neighbors who openly and viciously racist, steal our cars or stuff out of our cars or break into our homes and steal everything that isn't nailed down if they don't simply rip it out along with the plumbing and electrical wires behind the walls.

On the gripping hand one of my favorite televised Detroit stories was the ride along with a Detroit police lieutenant who was showing a TV reporter/team the houses that one could buy for less than a $100 and thus start to revitalize one of the most blighted cities on earth. At the end he pointed out that you didn't just owe the city $100 for buying the property, you were, of course, liable for the decades of back taxes and of course thieves had broken in and stolen all the wiring, fixtures, plumbing, etc and any effort to restore it to habitable condition was doomed to failure because the instant you made a single step towards progress your neighbors would be there to destroy it.

Glenn Reynolds nailed it at Instapundit:

"Malone ignores those differences, however, when she quotes a Census Bureau finding that “a ‘typical white’ American lives in a neighborhood that’s 75 percent white.” She then adds, “American suburban life seems to regress to a mean of segregation.”

America is basically 75% white. That’s not segregation, it’s the norm."

It seems to me that a lot of our so-called demographers, progressives, liberals and other idiots lost site of the bottom line as they dream about the incredible advantages that must accrue to DIE philosophers who fully integrate along the NPR approved new plantations for all Americans scheme insist is our destiny..

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