Tuesday, June 22, 2021


If somebody thinks I owe reparations for slavery then I insist that I should get to own some slaves first. It probably won't come as a surprise but I wouldn't own a black slave for any amount of money. I would insist on slaves that were useful and decorative. After all, I have to pay for them so I should get to make my own choices.


Anne Bonney said...

What? Are you saying that a black slave cannot be decorative and useful? I am so triggered.

Anonymous said...

On target - anticipate flak

ron said...

i think we find out the sale price of the first slave from each family to reach america.
then do a dna search for decendants of each imported slave.
then divide the original sale price of original slave among all currently alive relatives of that slave.
should work out to a few cents each.
then perhaps they will shut up about reparations

Roy said...

"...perhaps they will shut up about reparations."

I know it was rhetorical, Ron, but they will *never* shut up about reparations. Why? Because it's not about reparations, slavery, or any of that. It's entirely about the grift.

SCOTTtheBADGER said...

3/4 of my family were still in Norway and Sweden, until 1900. My Grandma Olson's family had been here since the 1600's. Great great Grandpa Stevens wound up in Andersonvile. We don't owe anybody anything.