Sunday, May 23, 2021


In Hawaii we stopped by the last royal palace in the New World. I call it the last but who knows. It most definitely had royal flush toilets suitable for a king. As we walked through it I thought, I'd have been shut of that place in roughly 2 minutes. Out the door, through the gates and down the street looking for any ship away. There are certain perks to being the king. A clean bum is way down on the having all your enemies beheaded at dawn. It was pretty clear who their enemies were. And somehow, to this day they seem to own most of the land in Hawaii. We're I the king or the queen, they'd all be gruesomely dead. I've noticed that was actually a failure in most of the kings that made it into the 19th century. They all lost the knack for making their enemies go away forever and we're not even talking about attainder and killing them root and branch. I think they were all striving to appear to be civilized to the kind of people that overwhelmingly support Hamas and Iran.

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