Saturday, May 15, 2021


I don't think they ever change all that much. Look at any period in history and there are things that always happen over and over again. Oh, you say, what about uncontrolled overseas migration? Please. What about a nation's elite cast out and working as domestic help in the manors of the lords elsewhere? Please. We'll see the latter soon enough and one could argue that it has been so with the Scandanavians for quite some time. WRT to the former, well, aren't the smart ones the ones that leave first before the mongols come and destroy everything and kill everyone? One could argue that those fleeing Mexico and Central America are behind the time. The ones that came here in the 50s and 60s, they're of the new nation. The ones who came after are slowly assimiliating to mixxle class and making new lives a lot like the original overseas migrants. Europe now? Oh, she is in trouble. The smart ones they get from the Africa are the smartest best grifters and the smartest and most driven young up and comers. They still have plenty of dross in their wake but the new guys from Africa aint like the shiite showing up from Syria, Iran and Afghanistan. Oh no. They want what they get for free but they want the promise of a new life in a world where dreams can come true. To a certain extent, so long as it doesn't displease the ruling elite who, like the czar's police, still rule the scenes behind the facade that is Europe. In a way, these new guys hitting Europe from the south are a bit like the Cubans that got here before and just after Castro sovieted the poor bastards that didn't fight back against socialism.

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